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East Valley School District

 Before getting an email from NewBeginnings, I had tried and failed to look into loan forgiveness on my own. The information out there was unclear and incomplete. NewBeginnings was able to completely eliminate one of my loans and significantly reduce another. Their knowledge and experience made my monthly payments much more manageable, so much so that I have now been able to start the process of buying my own house. This was completely out of reach before. Thank you, NewBeginnings! 

Breanna Walker (Otis Orchards Elementary)

Mead School District

I literally spent years trying to figure out the process to apply for some kind of student loan relief. The paperwork is nearly impossible to complete according to the complicated standards and process that has been set. After being asked to redo paperwork repeatedly, being asked to double cross my T's and dot my I's again, having timelines run out, and having to start the process all over again… I found Carey!  After a phone conversation and a quick e-mail, Carey got to work for me and my $35,000 in student loans. She did all the work for me, while updating me with quick emails and phone calls throughout the process to keep me informed. I was able to let go completely of this huge burden and focus on my full-time teaching job and my family while Carey worked countless hours, with loyal persistence, and got more than half ($17,500) of my student loans completely forgiven!  

Meghan Slick (Midway Elementary 

Central Valley School District

 I heard about loan forgiveness programs and for years had tried to see if I could qualify.  I tried calling my lender who told me I did not qualify for any loan forgiveness programs.  When my lender changed I tried again.  I was told that I was on an income based repayment plan for 20 years which ended up not really being true either.  I tried to look up the programs on the government web site.  I ended up paying for 7 years that could have been used toward a forgiveness program had I met Carey, from NewBeginnings, earlier.  Because of Carey’s expertise I was able to consolidate with the right loan servicer and begin my loan forgiveness program.  The process was easy and affordable.  Carey took care of all the details for me with excellence.  I can’t thank her enough!  I only wish I met her sooner. 

Audra White (North Pines Middle School)

East Valley School District

 I have grown to trust Carey and NewBeginnings with every aspect of my student loan. I trust that they will help me make the best decisions about how to pay it back as early as possible. NewBeginnings has the expertise I lack in navigating the confusing and ever-changing loan rules, and they gave me new hope about being able to someday erase the debt after they patiently looked over my particular situation. Because of NewBeginnins' skills, I will pay off the loan much sooner than if I were trying to figure out my options on my own, and I will save thousands of dollars, thank you! 

Amy Sleeth (East Valley Middle School) 

McNeill Family

 "My husband and I were introduced to Carey at NewBeginnings by a mutual friend who had noticed how hard we were trying to buying our first home and how worried we were about my husband’s student loans holding us back. With both of us working over 40 hours a week we didn’t have time to figure out where to start or what the first step would be to get his loans under control. After years of trying to manage 6 different student loans, Carey worked diligently to get him back on track and in good standing. The best part is that Carey will work with you until the end to make sure that everything gets done the way it should. Even when you think you are done with the process things can change. Knowing that we now have someone on our side taking care of thing is priceless. The best part is that my husband and I were just approved to buy our first home!" 

Fred and Lisa McNeill

East Valley School District

Carey came into my school and helped many of the staff members with student loan situations.  In my situation, Carey turned my student loans around and put my mind at ease knowing that everything was in line like it needed to be.  From consolidating loans to making sure I was on the right repayment plan for forgiveness programs (which I was not, unfortunately!), Carey worked diligently to get my loans as squared away as she possibly could!  The decision was a no brainer to work with Carey and NewBeginnings - her knowledge of every loan system and program available is second to none and if there is any question with student loans, she is the go to and know all! 


Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Success Stories

Midway Elementary
Mead, Washington
Primary Special Education 

Teacher Original Loan Balance: $34,524

 Teacher Loan Forgiveness: $17,500 

Remaining Loan Balance: $15,416


East Valley High School
Spokane Valley, Washington

 Secondary Special Education Teacher

 Original Loan Balance: $81,738 

Teacher Loan Forgiveness: $17,500 

Remaining Loan Balance: $66,079.59 

Central Valley School District 

Spokane Valley, Washington 

Original Loan Balance: $22,488 

Teacher Loan Forgiveness: $17,500 

Remaining Loan Balance: $4,988 

East Valley Middle School
Spokane Valley, Washington
Secondary Science Teacher
Original Loan Balance: $15,762
Teacher Loan Forgiveness Forbearance: $17,500 

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Issuing 06/14/2019 

Loan Balance : $0 


Riverside High School

Chattaroy, Washington
Secondary Algebra/Geometry Teacher Original Loan Balance: $14,684 

Teacher Loan Forgiveness: $17,500 

Remaining Loan Balance: $0 

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